our dedicated staff
Our Staff plays a big part in our success as they are a team that truly changes lives. These competent
professionals, experienced in the field of special needs are dedicated to the support of each individual resident
24 hours a day! They attend a mandatory in-service training each week conducted by the Executive Director
or a community professional, and undergo extensive background checks.
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Program, operations, policies, procedures (1-F/T)
DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES & FACILITIES-OPERATIONS: Human resource management and building/facilities operations (1-F/T)
ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR/HR ASSISTANT: Administrative and office needs; assists in Human Resource management; breakfast Mon-Fri (1-P/T)
ACCOUNTING MANAGER: Accounting and financial support (1-P/T)
RESIDENT DIRECTOR: Oversees all residents personal/social needs. Advises and trains staff on best ways to work in the most
individualized and effective manner with residents (1-F/T)
HEALTHY LIVING DIRECTOR: Oversees services and supports for all residents in the areas of medical needs, medical appointments, dental appointments,
medications (and any appointments related to medications), nutrition and exercise (1-F/T)
LIFE SKILLS DIRECTOR: Oversees delivery of many supports and services. In charge of scheduling support plans, charting in support areas,
programming and quality/effectiveness of supports (1-F/T)
FOOD SERVICE MANGER & CHEF: Responsible for menu planning, meal preparation and service (1-F/T; 1-P/T)
ACTIVITIES & FINANCIAL COORDINATOR: Financial oversight and support of all Residents budgets, managing individual accounts, bills, etc.
Also assists with activity planning and signing resident’s up for weekly activities (1-F/T)
NUTRITION/EXERCISE COORDINATORS: Individual nutritional planning, grocery lists, meal preparation; exercise and fitness programs (2-F/T)
VOCATIONAL COORDINATOR: Job recruitment helps Residents maintain employment; interfaces with employer; assists with job coaching (1-F/T)
HEALTH COORDINATORS: Medication needs, medical & dental appointments, annual physicals (2-F/T each)
APARTMENT LIFE COORDINATORS: Oversees Residents and their apartments, personal appearance, general living skill needs, resident activities (4-F/T)
OVERNIGHT AWAKE STAFF: Safety & security of Casa de Amma and residents from 10:30 p.m. – 6:30 a.m.
(M-Thursday) and 10:30 p.m. – 7:30 a.m. (Friday and Saturdays); also performs basic housecleaning functions (1-F/T; 1-P/T)
*VARIOUS OTHER PART TIME SHIFTS: (used to cover weekend activities) Facilities Maintenance / Overall maintenance, repairs, basic plumbing,
electrical, general needs in Residents’ apartments, vehicle maintenance and vendor liaison (1-P/T)