our program

Casa de Amma is a family of friends. A community of peers who share an active,
healthy lifestyle is what Casa de Amma is all about. Families who want their
adult child to achieve their fullest potential will benefit by Casa’s friendly community.
It is here that residents can finally experience a full life in an accepting environment.

Families play an important role in the development of our residents.
We work with the family as well as the resident to design and implement an individualized
program that will foster growth and independence. Social events such as our monthly BBQ
provide opportunities for families to meet one another and to share their experiences.

Adults with special needs tend to lack the social and emotional skills necessary
to build the special bonds of friendship. We recognize friendships have been difficult
to develop and hard to maintain. Social isolation is not a part of Casa de Amma.
We help our residents establish precious relationships while providing support and
structure as they share their struggles through this journey.

We offer group and individual activities, men’s and women’s peer groups, book clubs, arts and
crafts, drama groups, walking clubs, exercise programming, group trips to the beach
and mountains as well as local attractions, an in-house Learning Lounge,
gymnasium and on-site art room.

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