our program
The decision to enroll in a residential community is a significant one and is reflected by the Casa
de Amma application process. Admissions decisions are made based on the compatibility
with the community. In order to establish this, the following information is required:
*ADMISSION UPDATE: Casa de Amma has experienced a high
level of success and resident satisfaction which is reflected by our
waiting list. Currently we have a waiting list well over twenty
people with our last move-out about five years ago. We are still
accepting applications and offering tours, however Casa is also
working to help identify additional options to address the great
need for housing and supportive services for adults with
disabilities. If you are interested in Casa de Amma or other similar
options please contact Aaron Vorell, Executive Director at
The applicant will have an opportunity to experience the program first handand the staff will
assess their response to the particulars of the program.
1. Complete and turn in application for admissions including all requested additional docs and records, include a picture.
2. Application is reviewed by admissions committee for completion and appropriate fit in our program.
3. Once application is completed and admission committee approves the next step, the applicant is scheduled for
a 7-day applicant visit. The applicant stays in an apartment at Casa de Amma and participates in all programming,
meeting residents and staff and seeing what life at Casa would be like.
4. After applicant visit, the admissions committee determines if a person is accepted. If so they are placed on
our waiting list in the order in which they have been accepted.
 Recent psycho-education battery: cognitive evaluation, academic assessment and projective testing.
 Current physical from family physician with a copy of current immunization records.
 Reports from the most recent program attended.
 Three personal and academic/employment references.
 Completed application form from families.
 Completed application form from applicant which should demonstrate a willingness on the part of
the applicant to become involved in the program.
 Once the above information is received and reviewed, a decision will be made if the applicant will
be invited for the next stage of the process which will include an on-site interview and week-long
visit, which will allow the applicant to participate in a typical week at Casa de Amma.
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