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Work is a central part of life at Casa de Amma. All residents are employed or
participate in vocational and community experiences. For some this means
a paid job while for others it may be a volunteer position. We work with the
Department of Rehabilitation and local employment agencies to provide
employment placement, training and support. Examples of industries include
customer service, retail and administrative positions.
Some residents
choose to volunteer for local groups such as the San Clemente Animal
Shelter, Brighton Gardens or our local thrift store. Saddleback Community
College and Saddleback Adult Education offer a variety of classes for skill
acquisition or fun and are easily accessible in the community.

Residents are taught to compile a resume, problem solve, how to be a team
player and take constructive criticism, and many other social nuances.
They also learn to use public and paratransit to access the
community and employment.

Will you hire a Casa de Amma resident?
We offer job coaching and employer support. Our residents are hard working
and dedicated employees who would love to benefit your organization!

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