frequently asked questions

Q: Do you have a night staff? Yes, there is an AWAKE overnight staff
that makes sure the building is secure and responds to any residential emergencies.

Q: Do any of the residents drive? Some residents do drive but
we expressly prohibit Casa de Amma residents from being their passengers.

Q: Is the gym supervised? Staff does not routinely supervise the gym
but does offer exercise programs such as CasaFitâ„¢ and yoga. Residents may use
the gym equipment provided they have completed an orientation.

Q: Who is responsible for furnishing the apartment?
The resident and their family furnish the apartment. Waterbeds are prohibited.

Q: Is apartment cleaning a part of the program fee? No, residents
are responsible for keeping their home clean. The resident may purchase outside
housekeeping services. Staff assists and supports residents in cleaning their apartment.

Q: Who is responsible for the apartment and appliances? The maintenance is
included provided that damage is not caused by resident misuse.

Q: How are apartment selections made? Apartments are
selected by the resident and his or her family based on availability and
are not held until all financial arrangements have been made.

Q: Do residents have to attend activities
outside of Casa de Amma?

Community activities are strongly encouraged
but they are not mandatory.


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