casa’s community education program

There are many stereotypes and stigmas for adults with disabilities. Throughout history people with disabilities have wrongly been labeled as insane, lazy and even less than human. These labels often came about from ignorance and fear and have led to much abuse and discrimination. At Casa de Amma we want to do our part to change this tragic history. While there has been a lot of important and beneficial change there is still more work to do. Unfortunately, many adults and children in our local communities have had very little to no meaningful interaction with adults with disabilities because so many of them are segregated and isolated. We recognize that there is an opportunity for these adults to showcase their abilities and unique insights and experience and help bridge that gap.

Casa’s Community Education uses learning, dialogue, and an open format to teach and show children and adults the reality about people with disabilities. We offer free presentations for schools, churches, organizations and workplaces. They are facilitated by Casa de Amma’s staff and select residents of Casa de Amma. The objectives of these presentations include allowing people with disabilities to explain for themselves what life is like with a disability and how they would like to be interacted with in the community, allow community members to challenge their perception of people with disabilities and to provide an open forum for ongoing education and relationship building between young people and those with disabilities.

The typical presentation format is a 10-15 minute presentation about Intellectual
and Developmental disabilities by Casa Staff, a discussion by 2-3 residents about what
life is like to have disabilities and their own insights, followed by a question
and answer time where all any and all questions are allowed. Presentations can
be custom formatted to fit all needs. In particular, we have found a huge need for
employers of special needs adults. These presentations are beneficial and offer
thoughtful insight into how to best communicate and integrate
special need adults into the workplace.

Please consider scheduling a Community Education Session at you school,
church, organization or workplace. Just let us know you’re interested
by sending an email to and we can
arrange an education session for you.
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