Applicant has complex learning or mild developmental disabilities
as his or her primary diagnosis

Must be at least 21 years old, and have a history of significant learning,
attention and/or language problems

Mastered basic self-help skills such as grooming/hygiene

Have never been involved in substance abuse or other illegal activities

Respond well to structured, ordered predictable environments

May have been socially isolated from peers
because of inadequate social skills

Have social skills which are sufficient to live in a peer community

our program

The residents of Casa de Amma are able to function independently
but require assistance, structure and support in their daily living.

Residents participate in a variety of support meetings that include
money management, budgeting, household management, clothing care,
nutrition and grocery shopping. They are deserving of respect and equality
and should be afforded every opportunity to reach their potential.
Our goal is to provide individualized services and an
environment that helps each individual to be a success.
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